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0 Poonam Kay Meets the Meet Brothers!

The Meet Brothers, known for their catchy music from ‘Baby Doll’ to ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyan’ were in Manhattan to record with singer Poonam Khubani, also known as Poonam Kay. So here we were at the Hudson Eatery chatting with the Meet Brothers about their collaboration with Poonam. whose song ‘Ek Look Ek Look’ was featured in the Bollywood movie Aryan, and who’s made several popular pop videos since then.

0 India's Amazing Bindi Now Saves Lives…

City women enjoy all kinds of fashion – here’s a story about the bindi which has been rural women’s style mantra (as well as cultural underpinning) for decades. Now comes a new twist to it, thanks to city slickers!

What is the Jeevan Bindi? One which saves lives – and here is a thinking out of the box idea from an advertising agency which could have an impact on the lives of women in rural India. Hope that it won’t be a flash in the pan and will become a part of daily life… This from Ecouterre.

4 Sufi performer Kailash Kher at Evening in Kashmir

‘Evening in Kashmir’ Gala on October 12 at Pier Sixty in Chelsea Piers recreates Srinagar in Manhattan. The funds raised will go to the over 20 ongoing CHI education and heath projects in different parts of India as well as to a new educational initiative at a school in Kashmir.

What better way to start the evening than with a heartfelt invocation for peace and well-being by the renowned Sufi performer Kailash Kher? The singer receives the Pride of Kashmir Award for his unifying music and his philanthropy. As Kher says, “You can live each day in fear of dying, or live each moment in celebration of life”

0 The Indian Thanksgiving Elves

Last call – the Thanksgiving countdown has begun! But what if you’re a klutz in the kitchen and would rather not be performing stomach surgery on a turkey? What if you’re tired of the traditional turkey taste and are yearning for some spice and fire in your bland holiday meal? The Indian culinary elves are at your service with Thanksgiving dining and takeout options.

2 Indian immigrants' lost world

New immigrants in ethnic enclaves tend to have a stronger support system but once they fly the coop into the prestigious suburbs and into Americanization, there is a chasm of distances to overcome between friends.