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Ram Darwaza by Anil Revri

Ram Darwaza 9 by Anil Revri


Entering the Ram Darwaza with Anil Revri


Anil Revri

Anil Revri


This mesmerizing image by the artist Anil Revri is called Ram Darwaza – and you wonder why.  “These works pay homage to my mother. A leading exponent of the classical Indian Dance forms of Bharat Natyam and Kuchipudi she had, in her final days, expressed a great desire to be able to enter into one of my geometric compositions, and, accompanied by Lord Rama, dance her way into the distant horizon.”

Dance her way into the distant horizon, accompanied by Lord Rama – what a idealistic yet surreal dream and Revri made it happen. “The paintings are an attempt to recreate memory and serve a dual function,” he says. “They are simultaneously, visual aids to meditation and meditations in themselves.”

The illusionary three-dimensional visual planes achieved with the help of geometry serve as metaphors for the past, present, and future while stressing the three states of awareness — conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind.


Ram Darwaza 1 by Anil Revri

Ram Darwaza 1 by Anil Revri

 The Name Ram in Devanagari script in Calligraphy

Since the linear constructions also allude to the stage, the compositions have been developed using the word Ram in Devanagari script incorporated into the design in the form of calligraphy to draw the viewer’s attention from the outermost edges of the canvas to its perspective depth.

The image titled Ram Darwaza 9 is mixed media on canvs and is 60 x 50 in. It has just been purchased by the Asian Art Museum in Berlin. The Asian Art Museum is located in the Dahlem neighborhood of Berlin and is one of the Berlin State Museums institutions. It is funded by
the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation and houses some 20,000 Asian artifacts making it is one of the largest and most prestigious
museums of ancient Asian Art.
In recent years, Deputy Director, Dr. Raffael Dedo Gadebusch — who made the initial selection for Anil’s work — has expanded the  programming at the museum to include exhibitions of contemporary art by artists from Asia including photographer Dayanita Singh.

For more on Anil Revri’s stunning works of art, visit Anil Revri’s website


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