India on the JFK Express



Incredible India on the JFK express

Incredible India on the JFK Express

A Train to Incredible India…

Many, many years ago, to catch a reflection of India in America was to be over the moon: a  saree on the streets of New York, an Indian name in the phone book, a snatch of Indian music in a mainstream performance.

Now of course India has become woven into the fabric of America, so it was no surprise to see the JFK Express – the train which takes you from the city to the airport – immersed in the images of Incredible India!

Whether its the masses in Queens or those traveling to JFK airport, everyone got a colorful touch of India on their radar, thanks to these images rushing past on the tracks. These initiatives by Indian Tourism include sixteen of the JFK cars carrying  the India story.  Inside, the cars also have the Incredible India logo plastered on the walls. Earlier, the story of Incredible India had been told on city buses and road signage, catching commuters as they go about their daily lives, thousands of miles away from India.

Inside Incredible India

Inside Incredible India

So, now if you can’t got to India you can at least catch a whiff of it on the JFK Express, and get it etched into your sub-consciousness.  Sooner or later everyone wants to visit India.  After all, it was Mark Twain – or perhaps Edward Lear – who had famously said,  “The world is divided into two kinds of people – those who’ve seen the Taj Mahal and those who haven’t!”

Meanwhile, a knockout video of all that India offers can whet your appetite.



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