Poonam Kay Meets the Meet Brothers!

Poonam with the Meet Brothers in Manhattan

Poonam with the Meet Brothers in Manhattan


Poonam Kay & the Meet Brothers Go Punjabi

The Meet Brothers, known for their catchy music from ‘Baby Doll’ to ‘Chittiyaan Kalaiyan’ were in Manhattan to record with singer Poonam Khubani, also known as Poonam Kay.  So here we were at the Hudson Eatery chatting with the Meet Brothers about their collaboration with Poonam, whose song ‘Ek Look Ek Look’  was featured in the Bollywood movie ‘Aryan’, and who’s made several popular pop videos since then.

First of all, why were they known as the Meet Brothers and were they really, really brothers? Laughingly retorted Manmeet, ” We’ve been brothers since we were born!”  Since they were named Harmeet and Manmeet, their dad felt the name Meet Brothers was perfectly appropriate. And of course it’s become a household name with fans of desi pop music.

The Meet Brothers’ music has been featured in many Bollywood movies and does draw audiences to the theater. Says Harmeet, ” We’ve always tried to be true to our music and bring our energy into it. This is who we are – Punjabi boys and since we’ve always lived away from the Punjab, another flavor comes with us – so it has a bigger reach and it connects to Indian audiences even in South India.”   You could call it Bollywood Punjabi!

Poonam Kay (photo - Mike Ruiz)

Poonam Kay (photo – Mike Ruiz)


Mumbai to New York

The brothers were happy to be in New York which they were visiting after 7 years. They were struck by the common features of Mumbai and New York: ” It’s just like a more cleaner, organized India.  For us it’s like India – there are so many Indians here! Punjabi music is huge here!”

As Harmeet and Manmeet pointed out,  Hindi and Punjabi songs are very happy and celebratory:  “There’s a bounce in the music, there’s an energy, and there’s some kind of fun, lightness in the music. If you do Punjabi right, then the sky’s the limit!”


Poonam with the cast and crew of her video 'Nachle'

Poonam with the cast and crew of her video ‘Nachle’


Go Punjabi!

The numbers the Meet Brothers are working on with Poonam are Punjabi numbers. Always on the lookout for talent, they decided to explore abroad. Says Manmeet, “We want to make it one family. We need to move from East to West and make it one package! We heard Poonam’s voice and it had that bounce even though she’s not Punjabi.  She has that fresh, playback feel in her voice. We all need to pay tribute to our roots, and we may even do a big Rajasthani song with her since she’s from Jaipur.”

Two songs have been recorded in a studio in Times Square, and some videos are in the works. Says Harmeet, “Poonam has the focus and the persistence and the fire in her! The plan is very simple – we are just warming up and stretching out.  These songs will be featured in upcoming movies. These are evergreen songs because we believe in music to which everyone can listen to and dance to – songs which are global.”

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