Remembering Dev Anand



Dev Anand in Guide

Dev Anand in Guide

Remembering Dev Anand

A tribute to the late great Dev Anand whose birth anniversary is on September 26. He is an evergreen part of the golden years of India’s film industry and adapted himself successfully into the contemporary decades. His fans were of all ages and all walks of life. He introduced some of the most beautiful actresses to the Hindi film industry.  His film ‘Guide’ is a classic and one can see it again and again.

Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand (26 September 1923 — 3 December 2011), better known as Dev Anand, was an Indian film actor, writer, director and producer known for his work in Hindi cinema. Watch this video about his life.


Dev Anand

Dev Anand


Here’s a musical biography celebrating Dev Anand.


A biography of Dev Anand through the music of his films. Don’t forget to turn on the CC for an English translation!

Walk the Talk with Shekhar Gupta

Guide – Dev’s Biggest Achievement

Guide is a story about Raju Guide who falls in love with a married woman Rosie. Rosie originally a dancer and a prostitue’s daughter is not happily married. Later she realises that her husband is having an affair with a tribal girl. She parts ways with her husband. Raju appreciates her dancing skills and helps her achieve her dreams. She soon becomes a famous dancer. Meanwhile her ex husband tries to get back to her which makes Raju jealous and commit forgery. He goes to jail for this. Watch what happens when he is realsed from jail. Will he be able to reunite with his love?

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